About Me

microphone on theatre stageHi. My name is Kristin and I am a theatre lover committed to providing visitors and locals with the latest news and information regarding entertainment happenings in the Republic of Cyprus. As a keen enthusiast of the theatre scene, I would love to share my passion with those keen to experience the best that Cyprus has to offer.

Born in Cyprus

Born in Larnaca, Cyprus I have had the good fortune to grow up involved in stage entertainment. As a child my mother enrolled me in Ballet and the rush I got from performing on the stage has never been replicated in any other walk of life. Whilst I didn’t continue with Ballet past the age of 14, I have remained enamored with stage theatre whether it be ballet, comedy, plays or movies.

Married with child

Having reached adulthood, I married the love of my life (naturally he also shares a love for the stage) and we just recently welcomed the arrival of our first child. Don’t worry I have already signed him up for stage lessons at the local dance school!

Living in Cyprus

I still live within walking distance of the theatre in which I performed as a child. Whilst Larnaca itself has many opportunities to experience stage entertainment there are also many other opportunities within the other regions of Cyprus including Limassol and Nicosia.

Living in Cyprus, I am fortunate enough to be able to witness not only performances in traditional stage venues but also at many ancient amphitheaters that lie within the Republic of Cyprus and I highly encourage you all to check out shows performed at these venues!


I hope you all find this site informative and beneficial and that you are able to gather all the information required from this site so as to witness some wonderful performances whilst visiting or residing within the Republic of Cyprus.