Apart from just theatre scenes Cyprus has got allot to attract its visitors from world class beaches to the madness of nightlife. If you are bored of theatres and looking to discover new places and events in Cyprus then you have landed yourself in the right place. Let’s have a look at the most happening things you can do at Cyprus.

Ayia Napa

Apart from rich archeological history, Cyprus is also famous for its nightlife. If u are someone who loves to party all night while dancing on the beats of world-class DJ’s then Ayia Napa can prove to be a haven for you.

things to do in Cyprus

Historical places

Cyprus has got a whole city which has been recognized as a world heritage, Paphos!  There’s no shortage of ancient sites in Cyprus but Kourion is the pick of the bunch. Romantically situated across a coastal cliff with tumbling views of the countryside and Mediterranean below, it’s a magical place.

Adonis Bath

According to Greek mythology, this place has been a favorite place of the Greek god Adonis d goddess Aphrodite. Today you can visit the site and swim into to pool below the waterfalls.

Scuba diving

Cyprus has got a longer duration of scuba diving season in comparison to any other competitors; water temperature remains pleasant at around 25C. Most of the scuba diving sites have been awarded Blue flag certificate which ensures the clarity of the water, you will be able to see up to 30 meters which are quite uncommon.

things to do in CYprus

Cyprus Museum

With so many archeological sites Cyprus is packed with historical sculptures, but the museum in Nicosia should be in your ‘must visit’ list. Amazingly curated, the exhibition hall takes guests on a voyage from the Neolithic age straight up to the Ottoman time utilizing wonderful antiques to demonstrate the refined masterfulness of every period.