Kourion is a great archaeological spot in Cyprus. It is located on the outskirts of Limassol. The Amphitheatre is one of the most visited attractions in Cyprus. This is all because of its great history, the amazing mosaics that are to-die-for and it also has an awesome view.  You can see the blue seas.

The place is lovely as has a magic view of the sea, blue as ever. See the ancient Mosaics as well. Much as it was built as a theatre, the story has it that it was used for gladiator games too.

Reasons to love the Amphitheatre

The place is packed with lots of history.

Kourion itself was an ancient city kingdom. It is one impressive archaeological site. The theatre has been in existence since the 2nd century B.C. However, its current state came to be in the 2nd Century A.D. This ancient theatre is of great historical significance. I don’t think you can find such historic monuments and such lovely ruins anywhere in Cyprus. And to make it even better are the well-detailed mosaics.

So if you are a person whose medicine is history and archaeology,

Enough sitting Space.

tourist at Kourion

This curved theatre has a sitting capacity of 3500 spectators. So you need not worry. So if there is any cultural event you would like to attend, then head on to this theatre. Today, this ancient theatre organized great theatrical performances, especially during summer.  The amphitheatre also hosts concerts and plays that will be worth your time.

Accessibility of Kourion Amphitheatre

The place is easily accessible. Plus they have signs all over the place to guide you. Even people in wheelchairs can enjoy this historic place because it has small bridges and passageways. Plus, the entrance tickets are really cheap. That’s how accessible it is.

Because of its popularity, it’s recommended that you go early. While there, give yourself at least  2 to 3 hours if you really want to enjoy this lovely attraction. Trust me, if you are ever around Limassol, this ancient amphitheatre is a must-visit spot. Forget the rest. This site will be the highlight of your day.