People come to Cyprus from all over the world in search of scenic views, beautiful beaches, and amazing nightlife, but there is one more thing that Cyprus has got to offer, yes, its theaters.

Theaters have been an important part of the entertainment for Cypriots. This small island has conserver their traditional theaters which describes the significant stages in the development of theater on the island.

Let’s discuss about the latest theatrical events that you can check out this winters.  

Are you Afraid of Dark

The play strives to help children to overcome their fears of the dark.

The story revolves about a little owl who is scared of dark but then he met Skody who has a definite plan to help her friend. The performance includes artwork which gives kids a better insight into darkness and how to handle their fear.

Suddenly Last Summer

Suddenly Last Summer is a one-act drama by Tennessee Williams, In the Garden District of New Orleans. Mrs. Violet Venable, an elderly widow from a prominent local family, has invited a doctor to her home. She speaks about the mysterious death of her son Sebastian. Through the course of their talks, she attempts to offer a large donation to support the doctor’s psychiatric research if he performs a lobotomy on Catharine, her niece, who has been limited to a private mental asylum. Mrs. Venable is eager to “shut her up” once and for all, as she continues to “babble” about her son’s violent death and “smash” her son’s reputation by hinting at his homosexuality.

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Christmas Eve. While Santa Claus is flying over Sahara, towards Europe, to deliver the last presents, his slay is damaged and lands in the middle of the desert. Santa’s great adventures are well portrayed in this musical play.

Famous Classical Ballet – The Nutcracker

This ballet is a magical fantasy which brings families together for a special time of shared enjoyment. The Magical Christmas ballet for all the family! Stars of Russian Ballet –Soloists of Famous Russian Theatres, with the combination of enchanting original choreography and an iconic score of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, will make your evening special and unforgettable!

Make the season Merry and bright with this perfect Festive Ballet beloved by audiences of all ages!