amphitheatre in salamis


While the internet is loaded with a substantial amount of information relating to things to do in Cyprus, there is a lack of advice relating to theatre-related activities that can be undertaken by tourists and locals alike. Here is our advice on the best locations to catch a unique, theatrical performance in Cyprus!

Municipal Gardens Theatre, Limassol


A wonderful location to take the whole family, the Municipal Gardens Theatre in Limassol provides entertaining events in a spacious, open-air Amphitheatre. Whether it be a concert performance from a symphony orchestra, a ballet or a comedy show the variety of performance will appeal to those of all ages.


Cyprus National Theatre, Nicosia

Newly opened in 2012, the Cyprus National Theatre in Nicosia is a popular destination for theatre lovers. Accommodating in excess of 550 people, this modern-day theatre hosts stage musicals, classic and contemporary plays and cultural events.


Ancient Odeon, Paphos

odeon amphitheatre in paphos

Perhaps the most unique performances within the Cypriot performance industry are those that take place at the Ancient Odeon in Paphos. Dating back to the 2nd century A.D, this outdoor Amphitheatre was restored by the Department of Antiquities and accommodates various cultural events. Be warned though that due to the age and delicate nature of the site there are strict rules in place restricting the consumption of food, drinks, and smoking while watching a performance.

Shakespeare at the Curium, Kourion

kourion ancient amphitheatre

For a unique experience, we highly recommend a visit to the theatre that adorns the ancient city of Curium. Located 13km west of Limassol, this magnificent ancient city provides theatre lovers with the experience of a lifetime. Despite its age, the theatre possesses superb acoustics which is a good thing considering the theatre sits atop a clifftop within earshot of the waves below. Whilst dramatic performances are performed here throughout the year, our recommendation is to attend the annual performance of a popular Shakespearean play which takes place in June every year to raise funds for local charities.

We hope the above recommendations provide you with wonderful theatrical experiences. If you have any suggestions you feel we have overlooked then please don’t hesitate to let us know!