Cyprus has always been known for its theatres, long ago when there were no Netflix or DVD players people used to come from all over the world to experience the theatres in Cyprus.
Theatres at Cyprus are running well even in this era of technology. Ahead, What’s on in Cyprus theatre this winter.

Look Back in Anger

“Look Back in Anger” by John Osborne, and directed by Maria Kyriakou.
The story focus on the life and marital struggles of an intellectual and smart young man working-class origin who is married to an upper-middle-class insensitive woman.
The writer of the play got influence from his personal life experiences and a failed relationship while looking back in anger. If you are seeking to enjoy a realistic play then this play perfectly describes the harshness of realism.

A Trip to Space!

The Children’s Stage of Dionysos Theater presents “A Trip to Space!” by Natalia Panagiotou, directed by Leda Karagianni and Natalia Panagiotou.
Looking for a play for children? “A Trip to Space!” can be a perfect choice this winters. The story revolves around Yolanda and Gogo who had a dream of becoming astronauts. They worked hard to become a part of the NASA space program and succeed in experiencing their first trip in space. In this great journey, they will pass through galaxies, planets, nebulae and many stars, overall, it’s a great way to learn and entertainment at the same time.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo is a story of a hunchback bell ringer at church, the whole story revolves around him and his struggles to gain the acceptance of society.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame is the well-known and multi-award winning novel by Victor Hugo.

MeNGELE: a dream for two people in a wagon

“Mengele: a dream for two people in a wagon” by Thanasis Triarides, directed by Savvas Mylona and Neoklis Neocleous,
If you are looking for a sci-fiction thriller drama then this can be the best choice. The story revolves around two random passengers a man and a woman, who got stuck into a wagon because of the power failure. The beginning of a fatal play of life, death and eternity, No one knows how the game will end.